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 'Time of the Wolf 'Audiobook!




The author and the narrator make this story come alive in a way that is not often found in audiobooks.

Listeners are pulled into this story from the start, and there is no escaping the fast pace until the end!

The peripheral characters add interest to this story, fleshing it out beautifully. Actions are visualized

easily; the narrator does an amazing job of describing everything that happens as the tension builds

steadily. Listeners can almost hear the battle scenes and smell the stench of the dungeon. The action

is non-stop until the end, and then listeners receive some surprising and welcome revelations. Wow!

This narrator takes a wonderful story and infuses the protagonists with courage, conviction, and self-sacrifice.

Keilah is a strong female lead and is perfectly matched with the strength exhibited in Radin,

and Matt Haynes makes listeners believe everything that is said by every character. The sound quality

and production are both excellent.

 This is a story not to be missed!


Reviewed by Elite Reviews

Carey Sullivan


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