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Spellbound is a captivating tale that includes magic, mystery, romance, betrayal, and, most importantly, love."

~ Dark Angel Reviews, 4 Pixies


"Spellbound" is a definite 5 star read that I highly recommend to anyone with a love for romance, fantasy, and time travel."

~ Heather's Reading Romance


"The chemistry, the passion, the excitement, and vivid imaginary of the story will make you wish to find yourself in your own version of Spellbound.

~ Mel Moon, Moon Over Water Reviews, 4 ½ Stars


"This book has an interesting storyline. With the mix of modern eras, time travel, and magic it has a little something for everyone.

I give this one a solid 4 Djinn."

~ Penny Ash, Puca Forest reviews.


"Spellbound is a delightful fantasy.”

A good fantasy will have time travel, sorcerers, or wizards. This book has it all."




Failing with his last victim, the Story Mage is desperate to fill his book of tragedy and woe, henceforth begins a tale of lust, revenge…and…love.

Isabella Barton, fleeing from an ex-fiancé after uncovering his ties with the Russian Mafia, and his willingness to bargain her body for business,  finds herself at the childhood home in Rhode Island.


Searching through the aged Victorian mansion, Isabella discovers an ancient book of witchcraft. With nothing to lose, she attempts the spell for “True Love” that insists on flipping open in front of her.


Zachariah, First Sorcerer to the King of Tarlis, never expected to be hurtled into the future, ripped from the land of his birth, and awaken on a strange beach with a beautiful red-haired, violet-eyed vixen. And, the only thing that can restore Zachariah to his other-dimensional world is missing—his amulet.


How can Isabella tell the man she is falling in love with that her existence rests on him loving her in return and choosing to stay when all he longs for is to find his amulet to return to his home?


Zachariah has a decision to make—stay or leave. He didn’t expect the woman to have the ability to ignite a passion he had only ever dreamed of.

Love, lust, revenge, and betrayal follow these two lost souls on a sensual and dangerous journey to discover not just long-ago secrets, but their own destinies.




Isabella stretched lazily and opened one sleepy eye. Rolling onto her elbow, she watched Ivan in the dim light of the bedroom. He stood at the penthouse dresser, straightening his black silk tie. Although he must have heard her wake, he didn’t turn.


“Be ready at six.” His cultured voice broke harshly into the silence. “I’ll have the limo pick you up. We’re dining with Vladimir Chevtsov and his wife at the Tatiana Hotel.” He turned and trailed a knuckle from her throat to the tip of her breast, not even looking at her face, then swung away to scoop up his dove-gray jacket from the end of the queen-sized bed. Bending, he touched his lips in a hard, passionless kiss to hers and withdrew a slim black jewelry case from his inside jacket pocket. Snapping open the lid, he placed the case on the bedside table. A glittering necklace of diamonds lay displayed on royal blue velvet. Isabella had no doubt the stones were real. However, she viewed them dispassionately, their cold beauty another symbol reminding her she belonged to Ivan.


“Wear something sexy. Chevtsov has a passion for redheads and he is an important man.” Ivan threw her a hasty smile that didn’t quite light his steel-colored eyes and crossed the beige carpet. She heard the door close with a soft click and wondered with a sick feeling when it had happened. When had she exchanged her position as Ivan’s fiancée, the woman he loved, for his whore? ....


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