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The Sword of Niraz

Elven Magick

is currently out of print. But watch for its return 2020 or 2022 as

The Sword of Niraz

This book can stand alone or be read as the second book to --Legacy of the Black Dragon

Twenty-one years since the Dragon King defeated the Dark Priest Narokah and condemned him to the Fiery Abyss.

The legendary Sword of Niraz has been stolen!

The elf, Vellandril Ballindoch, sets forth on a quest to find the sword.  Along the way he must confront his painful past including the woman he betrayed, but still loves, and the son he never knew existed.

Her duty to the king!

After forsaking her past and gaining the title of First Knight to the Dragon King, Johden de Danann is forced to undertake the quest with a man she swore never to forgive, but never stopped loving.

Treachery, betrayal, adventure and action, a magickal world of elves and romance combine to bring forth the exciting conclusion to a tale that began with Legacy of the Black Dragon and finishes with happily ever after—for some.

The Romance Studio

Overall rating: 5 HEARTS
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual

Reviewer: Linda L

Twenty-one years ago, Vellandril Ballindoch betrayed the woman he loved when he returned to his people.

 All he could hope was that Johden understood. She didn’t.

 Now he must enter that castle again and face her. Johden, the First Knight to the King, has never forgotten how Vellandril confessed his undying love then left her. She wants nothing to do with the elf prince, now King of Tarlis-Leah. Her life is complete with her son, the son that Vellandril knows nothing about and if she has her way, never will. Vellandril needs a good knight to accompany in locating the Sword of Niraz, after someone drugged him and stole it. When he enters the castle, he is surprised to learn that Johden has never married and has risen into a higher position as a Knight. Granted, she is the best one to accompany him on this quest, but their feelings seem to get in the way, even though they try to fight them tooth and nail. When he learns the secret of his son, will they even have a future, if they are able to locate the sword before it falls into the wrong hands?

Elven Magick takes place twenty-one years after the Dragon and the Rose and is one explosive drama. Not only are the characters of Vellandril and Johden full of zest and passion, there are many secondary characters that lend great creativity to this masterpiece. The fantasy worlds leap through the pages making this one well-crafted tale with imagery that is superb. From the castles, to the elves, the magic with the sword and everything involving the story line, Ms. D’Arcy incorporates an experience that a reader doesn’t soon forget. She ties up many family matters in this second book that enthrals from the first page. Her style of writing doesn’t disappoint as she allows the reader to feel the sensations that the characters express. This book is an absolute winner!

Compelling From Beginning to End