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Author Julie A. D'Arcy 

Time Of The Wolf

Time of the Wolf published by The Wild Rose Press, January 13th 2021

Time of the Wolf – The Tarlisian Sagas, Book 1

Julie A. D'Arcy



Feb. 2021

A supernatural tale of time travel, past lives, and insurmountable passion, "Time of the Wolf" pulls readers through a vortex of high stakes adventure and enduring romance! The plot is a suspenseful tale steeped in lore, possession, betrayal, obsession, and vengeance. Characters are flawed, authentic, and believable beings who leap from the page as their stories unfold. Even small bit characters manage to provide imagination, sparking embers readers will relish. Vibrantly evil villains are monstrous, with hints of vulnerability that doesn’t quite offset their diabolical desires.

 Readers will get a rush from thrilling action-filled battles, and goosebumps from chillingly hungry fiends found within this quest to destroy evil, and put right the wrongs of yesteryear. Ms. D’Arcy’s first instalment to this series is a howling inauguration to an enthralling saga of vendetta, sorcery, and legend in a wonderfully rich landscape of fairy tales, fantasy, and fate.

Tonya Mathenia

5.0 out of 5


A Wild and Wonderful Read

A reviewer, a lover of fantasy,

Jan.26th 2000

Format: Paperback

TIME OF THE WOLF by Julie D'Arcy, an Australian author, is high fantasy with something for everyone--and the something is difference. Do not expect an array of sameness, this difference is new, sparkling, and exciting. If you love fantasy, this book is a treat you shouldn't pass up. 

Time Of The Wolf

Kelley H

4.0 out of 5 stars

Another compelling fantasy by Julie D'Arcy

February 10, 2006

Format: Paperback

Courtesy of Love Romances

The adventures continue in Time of the Wolf, A book in the Tarlisian Saga.

Readers will be pulled in to the story immediately. Ms. D'Arcy has an incredible talent for painting a brilliant world, so rich that the landscape is a character unto itself. She draws upon medieval history and her own imagination to create the society in which her characters live. Magic plays such an integral role in the story and is so well done that one will believe, if only for a little while, that magic does exist in the world.

Though never lacking in action and adventure, the driving force behind the plot is the characters. Keahla is a strong young lady, both physically and mentally, who has lost everything she holds dear. She is not one to sit idly by and let the men have all the fun. She gets right in the thick of things and will not allow anyone, especially the insufferable Radin, to keep her from what she sees as her duty to her home and its people. Radin has no use for magick since it couldn't save his beloved wife and initially resents being pulled into Keahla's time and place in order to defeat the Blood King. Yet he adjusts remarkably well to being a player in the unfolding events and eventually comes to accept his importance to the job at hand. One will see the progression of the relationship Keahla and Radin share and feel the love that grows between them, defeating everything that stands in the way of their happiness.

Some of the most remarkable people found within the pages of Time of the Wolf are the secondary characters. Anayha is disgustingly evil, willing to do whatever is necessary to protect her interests, yet she shows an astonishing tenderness for Brekan as a result of the relationship they once shared, centuries ago.

There are also Jarl Ballindoch and his son, who share familial ties, though distant, to a certain elf we all know and love from previous books in the series. Also, who can forget Mace, fiercely loyal, even to the point he's willing to venture in to the unknown for no other reason but to protect his lord, Radin.

Be prepared to laugh, cry, rage at the fates, shout in denial, and cheer these beloved heroes... and villains... on to their just rewards. Readers will do all of that, and more, as they fall into the world Julie D'Arcy has created between the covers of Time of the Wolf. As always, it is quite an adventure with one of her novels.

© Kelley A. Hartsell, November 2005. All rights reserved.