Julie A. D'Arcy Author 

 you enjoy Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Vampire Romance novels with plenty of story, action, love and lust,
including sexy  flawed heroes and beautiful spirited women that don't mind getting a little blood on their hands, you have come
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Time of the Wolf

Time of the Wolf published by The Wild Rose Press, January 13th 2021

5.0 out of 5 


A Wild and Wonderful Read

A reviewer, a lover of fantasy, 

Jan.26th 2000

Format: Paperback

TIME OF THE WOLF by Julie D'Arcy, an Australian author, is high fantasy with something for everyone--and the something is difference. Do not expect an array of sameness, this difference is new, sparkling, and exciting. If you love fantasy, this book is a treat you shouldn't pass up. 

Time Of The Wolf